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Linda Love Gorordo brings real-world knowledge and experience into the educational consulting field.  When her children were younger, she wrote a successful $500,000 grant for their elementary school, and was hired as a consultant for a magnet program at the school they attended after moving to Washington state.  When her children were 5th, 4th and 1st grades, they began homeschooling. Over the subsequent years, she has gained expertise on various forms of school choice, alternative schooling, hybrid schooling, dual enrollment and how all of those things, along with homeschooling can be combined for a successful high school education and college application. Her older children, now 24 and 22 have graduated from prestigious universities, while her youngest, at 20, is finishing his sophomore year at Carleton College in Minnesota.  All have followed a non-traditional educational path to university acceptance.

For the past 5 years, Linda has supported all types of families in Western Washington as they explore and choose both traditional and non-traditional paths for high school and college.

For information on consulting rates and scheduling, please contact Linda Love Gorordo, or 425-750-5176