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Love HS Field Trip Club



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Beginning September 2017

  • Monthly fee $10.76 or $100 per year per family

    • If you choose monthly, the first month will be billed immediately, and each subsequent month will be billed to your credit card on the first of each month.  You will be contacted to confirm credit card arrangements.  You may cancel at any time, but the month you cancel in is not refundable.  No in and out privileges without prior approval.
    • Monthly Enrollment
    • If you choose yearly, the annual fee will be billed immediately, and renewed annually one year from the first billing, unless and until you cancel.  You may cancel at any time, and receive a refund of your remaining subscription less $30 cancellation fee.
    • Annual Enrollment


  • 4-6 Field Trips arranged monthly (2-3 in July, August & December)

    • At least 4 field trips will be unique each month in each school year, some may have repeats to accommodate scheduling and demand.


  • You choose which field trips you want to attend each month and sign up.  Some will have fees, some will be free.

    • We will try to provide at least 1-2 free field trips each month.
    • Per person prices for venues with fees will be rounded up to the next whole dollar.


  • Some field trips will have age restrictions as required by the venue.  All children must be supervised – there are no drop off events.  It is permissable for parents to bring/supervise children from another family on a strict 6:1 kids to adult ratio.

    • If you are not accompanying your own children and they are coming with another parent, you will still need to sign up and indicate who they will be coming with.  Adults who bring kids are responsible for their supervision and safety. Love HS to College will not provide supervision and will strive to make sure the venues we choose are safe, but parents are ultimately responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.


  • Details for each field trip will include price, deadline, cancellation information etc.  They will be posted on the website and sent monthly in a newsletter.


  • If you have ideas for field trips or outings you would like to see included, please email